About AI Godfathers

AI Godfathers aims to capture 10,000 faces of the most pivotel figures working in AI

What is AI Godfathers about?

We’re creating a time capsule of who’s playing pivotal roles to the advancement of AI so early on - from researchers, scientists, engineers and investors, to passionate AI users. We like to call these folks the founding “AI Godfathers.”

How can I get involved?

There are 10,000 blocks on the homepage for sale representing just 10,000 AI Godfathers. The blocks start at $1 and increase to $10,000, in $1 increments. Select the block you want to aquire with an image and link of your choice, and become part of history (there will only be 10,000 blocks available).

How can I become an AI Godfather?

Easy peasy. Click on the block that calls out to you and proceed to checkout via Stripe. Post-payment, we'll guide you to a form where you can upload your image and share your link.

Who can purchase a block?

Anyone who has a passion for AI is welcome, from scientists to AI CEOs/investors to users who are simply fascinated by how AI is transforming our world.

Can I purchase multiple blocks?

Sure thing - but please note blocks are available to purchase on a first come, first serve basis.

How long will AI Godfathers stay online?

We’ll keep Godfathers.ai online for as long as humanly possible, so we can always look back at the influential godfathers who shaped the landscape of AI so early on.

Can I change or transfer my block?

Changing 10,000 different blocks every week could get very messy, so for now we will only accept changes that are genuine mistakes. If you made a mistake uploading your image/link, feel free to send us an email to [email protected]

Those are great looking placeholder images

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